Governance Structure

Our formal governance structure comprises of several committees each with specific membership and terms of reference.

The Director and Co-Director are supported in the day-to-day management by a CRE Manager, as well as the CRE Executive Assistant who provides organisational support for CRE management and program activities.  This Management Committee meets monthly to review progress, budgets and staffing.


The Executive Advisory Board chaired by Professor Sally Green, Monash University comprises the chief investigators of the CRE as well as post doctoral and consumer representatives. The key purpose of the Executive Advisory Board is to advise and support the CRE to meet its goals.


The Training and Mentoring Committee is responsible for developing competencies in mentoring and training, implementing activities designed to achieve these competencies and recommending the budget allocation for such activities.


The Translation, Policy & Practice Committee is comprised of key stakeholders including consumers, industry, consumer organisations, health agencies and clinicians. Functions of this committee include contributing to the strategic direction of the CRE research program, identifying research questions relevant to stakeholder priorities and providing stakeholder input into CRE research.


Management Committee

Chair: Professor Kim Bennell

Executive Advisory Board

Chair: Professor Sally Green - Monash University

Training & Mentoring Committee

Chair: Professor Bill Vicenzino -

University of Queensland

Translation, Policy & Practice Committee

Chair: Ainslie Cahill -
CEO Arthritis Australia

NHMRC CRE musculoskeletal research